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The Mars group at the Niels Bohr Institute is an experimental research group working with exploration of the Martian surface. Our research is focused on the mineral composition of the soil, rocks and particularly the airborne dust on Mars.
An essential activity is our direct participation in experiments on Mars lander and rover missions for which we design and build various science instruments and experiments.

Mars 2020 rover mission


A multinational and interdisciplinary team of students working on a new breed of moss designed to survive on Mars.

Mars in a Minute videos

The Mars group's participation in NASA's Mars 2020 mission is currently funded by the Carlsberg Foundation.

The Carlsberg Foundation is a commercial foundation that supports basic scientific research within the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities conducted by Danish researchers and international researchers connected to Danish research environments.
In 2015, the Carlsberg Foundation awarded DKK 163 million for basic research. The funds for awards mainly come from the profits of Carlsberg A/S, in which the Carlsberg Foundation has a controlling interest. The Carlsberg Foundation was founded by Brewer J.C. Jacobsen in 1876.  


  • Carlsberg supports Danish Mars research

    • 30-01-2017
    • Morten Bo Madsen, head of the Mars Group at the Niels Bohr Institute, has received a grant of 2.5 million kroner from the Carlsberg Foundation for the project: A Field Trip 250 million km from home – Salary for Essential Expert and Materials... »
  • Newly formed stars shoot out powerful whirlwinds

    • 14-12-2016
    • Researchers from the Niels Bohr Institute have used the ALMA telescopes to observe the early stages in the formation of a new solar system. For the first time they have seen how a powerful whirlwind shoot out from... »
  • Mystery of ultra-diffuse faint galaxies solved

    • 29-11-2016
    • Over the last year, researchers have observed some very faint, diffuse galaxies. The galaxies are as faint as dwarf galaxies, but are distributed over an area just as large as the Milky Way. »

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