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  • 19. juni - 1. september 2017

    SURF summer program

    The CalTech SURF summer program will be held at DARK this year, from June 19 to September 1. » Læs mere

  • 3. juli - 12. juli 2017

    OPTICON Instrumentation School

    The first OPTICON Instrumentation School will take place in Copenhagen on July 3-12, 2017. The school will bring 20 young European astronomers and engineers to University of Copenhagen to learn how to  do a 'Phase A' study of an astronomical instrument.

    » Læs mere

  • 4. juli - 7. juli 2017

    BSc Defences

    Clara Neerup Breiø, Hano O. M. Sura, and Andreas Hansen, will defend their BSc projects this coming Friday in RF 086. » Læs mere

  • 7. juli 2017, kl. 14:00-16:30

    PhD defense by Alexander Kurganskiy

    Integrated modelling of physical, chemical and biological weather » Læs mere