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  • 25. oktober 2017, kl. 15:15

    Niels Bohr Lecture by professor Nigel Goldenfeld

    Title: The life and death of turbulence
    Nigel Goldenfeld is Professor in Physics at the University of Illinoi, and Director of the NASA Astrobiology Institute for Universal Biology at UIUC, and leads the Biocomplexity Group at the University's Institute for Genomic Biology.    » Læs mere

  • 25. oktober 2017, kl. 15:30-18:00


    Jens Hjorth, professor & head of the DARK Cosmology Centre and Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz, Niels Bohr Professor have the pleasure of inviting you to the inauguration of their VILLUM Investigator and DNRF Niels Bohr Professorship research programmes » Læs mere