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  • 24. november 2017, kl. 14:15

    NBIA Colloquium: Itamar Procaccia

    Title: Homer the Astronomer, or, when did Odysseus Come Back Home?
    In this lecture I will review the evidence that the day Odysseus returned to Ithaca can be narrowed down to ONE SINGLE DAY: 16 of April 1176 BC. » Læs mere

  • 24. november 2017, kl. 15:00

    Nano-Science Seminar: Vito Foderà

    We invite you to join us at Nano-Science Seminar, November 24th 15:00 at HCØ where Vito Foderà will give a talk with the title 'Understanding the Molecular Mechanisms behind Protein Self-Assembly'. » Læs mere