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Here is what it looks like, when a massive black hole devours a star

29. maj 2018

Jane Lixin Dai and Professor Enrico Ramirez from DARK Cosmology Centre at the Niels Bohr Institute have recently provided the scientific community with a much-needed computer model.

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A dusty atmosphere caused extreme global cooling

21. februar 2018

In recent Earth history, climate has varied following ~100,000 year, and during the coldest glacial conditions, global mean temperatures were about 5 °C cooler than present.

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Markus Ahlers receives 7.3 million DDK to find the sources of cosmic neutrinos

30. januar 2018

Markus Ahlers, assistant professor in the Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology research group at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen receives a Villum Young Investigator grant on 7.350.000 DDK for his neutrino research.

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Giorgos Leloudas receives 10 million DKK to investigate the “blackest” of black holes in the Universe

26. januar 2018

The research in the black holes in the center of galaxies gets a boost on 10 million DKK with a Villum Young Investigator grant to assistant professor Giorgos Leloudas at DARK Cosmology Centre.

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Lars Egstrøm Kristensen receives 9.3 million DKK to look for the building blocks of life in the Universe

25. januar 2018

From dead molecules to life – but how? Lars Egstrøm Kristensen, associate professor at the Astro and Planetary research section, has received 9.368.760 DKK from the Villum Young Investigator programme.

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Climate research receives a 4.5 million DKK grant from the Carlsberg Foundation

12. december 2017

Carlsberg Foundation supports a climate project with 4.5 million DKK grant, that will provide new knowledge about the mechanisms of the sudden climate change of the past, improving our ability to handle the risk of the future climate change.

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Jan Haerter receives DKK 10 million for research on atmospheric complexity

30. november 2017

Jan Haerter from the Atmospheric Complexity Group at the Niels Bohr Institute receives an ERC Consolidator Grant of DKK 10 million for research on cloud-cloud interaction and for better understanding of the climate system.

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Women in Physics Prize 2017 awarded to up and coming astrophysicist Sarah Pearson

27. november 2017

Together with the well-deserved KIF prize of 5000 Danish crowns, Christina Nis, Professor MSO at Roskilde University and member of the KiF Prize award committee, delivered these fine words to the Columbia-based Phd student

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From deep under the Antartica-surface: IceCube has collected new knowledge about high-energy neutrino physics

23. november 2017

High-energy neutrinos ‘caught’ in Antarctica Scientists from NBI were part of an international team measuring neutrino interaction at energy levels 1000 times higher than what can be attained in man-made particle generators.

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Anja C. Andersen has been awarded the Danish Authors' Society Literary Prize 2017

17. november 2017

The prize has previously been awarded, among others, to Ebbe Kløvedal Reich, Tor Nørretranders, Jørn Lund, Peter Øvig Knudsen, Jens Andersen, Ulrik Langen and Søren Ryge. This year, the prize is shared between Anja C. Andersen and Henrik Wivel.

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