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Missions to Mars

The Mars group has contributed instruments and magnetic properties experiments to several NASA Mars missions, including to the lander and three rovers seen below.
Through the menu on the left you can read about each of the missions, their objectives and results, and the contributions of the Mars group. On the right you can find links to NASA's pages.

The image below shows a size comparison of four different Mars rovers and landers.

  • The Sojourner rover was - together with a lander not shown here - part of the Pathfinder mission, which landed in 1997.
  • The Mars Exploration Rovers were the two identical twins Spirit and Opportunity, which landed on opposite sides of Mars in 2004.
  • The Phoenix lander was the first of NASA's small and low-cost scout missions. It touched down near the northern arctic plains on Mars in 2008.
  • The Mars Science Laboratory rover Curiosity touched down on Mars in 2012.

The Curiosity model seen here is a version from 2008. See Curiosity rover for a picture of a newer test model, as well as test models and flight spares of Spirit/Opportunity and Sojourner.

A lander and three rovers from NASA's Mars Exploration Program, all with contributions form the NBI Mars group. Click image for higher resolution. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech.